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How to bless a weapon
First thing youíll want to do is get yourself a scroll of piety, they sell in magic shops, or you can get them from people. Int and luck items can help to learn it. You might have to try more than once if you fail. Once you have succeeded in learning the scroll of piety it will appear in your skillís menu.

Next thing you should do is choose a hotkey for praying. You can do this by clicking the little space beside the image and hitting a key.

  Now that weíve done all that, we need to worship a god! There are seven godís on main, every god but Brigid allows players to bless. To worship a god, all you must do is pray at it's altar. A map with the locations can be found on the page with the maps.

Next thing we need is a weapon to bless. Iíll be using a bamboo stick and blessing it to Bile.

Praying over the altar   Go to the godís altar and wield the weapon. You might want to put on some wis+ and luck+ gear because it makes the blessing process faster. After youíve wielded the weapon hold the praying hotkey while standing on the altar. Remember you must hold the hotkey for it to work, you will also notice some text on the bottom of the screen. Pray until you see this text on the bottom right of your screen.

.There you go! You have finished blessing your first weapon! You might have noticed that the name of your weapon has changed to <weapon> of <godís name>. Also if you want to bless to +1,+2,+3, etc you must continue to hold the hotkey until it reaches your desired number. To bless +1.+2,+3, etc you must have a specific wisdom level, you can find your wisdom level out by typing "/skills" or looking in your Q-Menu.   Praying over the altar

The levels are as follows.

Blessing + Ogma and Govannon Aengus, Balor, Bile, and Leucetious DianCecht
1 4 6 8
2 8 12 20
3 12 18 42
4 16 28  
5 20    
6 28    
7 36    
8 48    
9 64  
Written by Namu Knoble  
Wednesday, 19 July 2006