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List of available commands
Command Information
/sethead # Used to change head looks. (# = Number)
/skills Shows skills in RPG Window. (F2)
/listen # Changes the listen verbose.
/statistics Shows character info in RPG Window. (F2)
/bind Bind's commands to number keys
/sleep Causes character to sleep
/sit Causes character to sit down.
/cast <name> Casts a spell or shows list of spells & prayers
/title Gives you a new title.
/party join <name> Joins the named party/group
/party form <name> Creates a party/group
 /party leave Leaves your current party/group.
/party kills Shows who has killed what in your party/group
/party who Show members of current party/group
/tag add class Add's your class tag. Warrior, thief, etc.
/drop <name> Drops the specified item(s).
/drop all Drops all your things. (Be very carefully with this command!)
/kingdom tag Add's your kingdom tag.
setname <name> Set's the name of your boat if you are the one who is steering it.
/who Lists players, level names, etc. in the RPG Window. (F2)
name pet <name> Names your pet. (must like you 75%)
setnick <new name> Set's your character's nickname.
showname Show's your nickname.
unstick me Warp's you to the last savepoint.
showadmins Show's staff that are currently online
showonlinetime Show's how long you've played.
Written by Björn  
Wednesday, 19 July 2006